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Anything you need to, or want to, know about me... Just ask.
I probably won't tell you.
But then again, I might.
You'll never know until you ask.
I just don't like putting long-winded introductions up here, since no one really cares.
If you really really want a long-winded introduction, ask, and I will give you mine.

I've been in the fandom since about 2005.

Ok, maybe I should specify and warn you now: I mostly just watch people.
Please note that if I do watch you, it may not be because of your art. It may because I enjoy you as a person, or it may be simply that I want a link to your page for my own personal easy access.
I don't do art.
Some poems, some stories, but not necessarily good.

Yes. I play WoW (Kamikun, 85 NElf Rogue, and Jiø, Worgen Druid, both on Echo Isles) and TF2 (Kamikun, usually Medic, and almost always on a 2Fort map).

Name: Kamikun, Kami for short. (Don't give me shit about it, I'm tired of taking flak for it. I came up with that name during the summer of 2003. 2004, somewhere in there. I had no idea the meaning behind it, although the meaning seems to fit, and I had no idea that it was distinctly Japanese. It's just the name that came to me to describe myself. I didn't come up with it because it's Japanese, I am not copying anyone else, it was a creation of me and me alone. I am not, nor am I copying Kamicheetah, or anyone else with the name Kami, or anything similar to it! Rant OVER) (Ok. I've been getting shit for being so hostile about this. I apologize, it's just a sore subject everywhere I go.)
Race: Crowolfox (Wolf/Fox/Crow Hybrid)(Wolfox-Crow)(AKA Folf-Crow)
Alignment: True Neutral, bordering on Lawful Good.
Deity: Agnostic. I choose to believe that there are gods, but I'm honestly not sure. (Yes, I said gods. Plural.)
Age: I don't believe in it. If time is an illusion, therefore is age. However, for those blind fools out there, by standard time, I am 17 years of age.
Gender: Male
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