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Feel free to send me a message via IM, just let me know who you are so I can respond appropriately(I reject a lot of bots/spam).

I am entertaining commissions for miniatures, if you are interested, please let me know. Average price will be $30 - 50 depending on the amount of detail involved. I will give you a set price before I start, if it becomes more involved than I expect and is no fault of yours, then it is my loss and the price will not change.  Anything else is negotiable.

Here's a few things about me you might need to know...

I'm an asshole. Now don't pretend to be surprised when you meet me.
I'm not an artist, I just waste lead. Have an idea, let me know and I might waste some for you.
I am an IS/IT professional, and have worked for a software company, a national ISP and now for the state. If you want computer help/advise, I'll give it, but after 7 years, I have seen almost every stupid customer, and know where the cupholder gag comes from.
I'm married. I love my wife and while she will let me play, she has to know you, and you will follow her rules.
I detest Facebook.
I served I the US Army and love this country. I raised my hand to God and swore to defend this nation from threats both foreign and domestic. I will do so until my last breath.
I do not want to hear about your political views, just be glad there are those who put down their lives so you can have them.
I don't want to hear about how crappy your day was. I have my messenger info posted so you can talk to me, not to bitch and whine.

Watashi wa gotsugotsu otokomae, honto ni!
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