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christmas with a husky by Jackhusky0
christmas with a husky
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christmas with a husky by Jackhusky0
christmas with a husky
adult husky refsheet by Jackhusky0
adult husky refsheet

Artist Profile:
brown & white husky
straight male
22 years old
Languages Bilingual English & Spanish
usa i am close to Indiana Wisconsin milwake Ohio Iowa Missouri Chicago IL
Likes cartoon, anime,
dislike haters, rudepeople, trolls,please respect do not trow your lame atheist messages at me and i hate false and hypocritical people
If you wanna talk to me please send me a note on here
I only talk to adults
turn on nice person loyal sweet
turn off slander bully vore hyper poop Bipolar hate

I tend to get along with most people as long as they are not complete idiots or horribly rude. I tend to get tired anymore of people that can’t think for themselves or are just out to start crap for others. Everyone is allowed to have their own thoughts and opinions and you won’t get bitched at for that. All you need to have though is an open mind for thoughts and ideas that aren’t your own.
I just try to be as nice as I can and be the best friend to those that I really care about.
But I usually don't like to cause trouble or be in the way of it. But if you push me too far or mess with those I care about then watch out. If you bad mouth me or someone I care about or decide to be stupid with me then you might get a different side of me. Otherwise I'm a good guy. I just don't take crap anymore from assholes. But if you want to judge me until you actually get to know me then that’s your problem. I may not fit in with most of the people on this site or most of the people out there. But that's because I don't go with the flow of everyone else and I tend to have common sense and my own way of doing things. Though sorry if I don't happen to trust you right away or just throw my friendship your way. I've been delt too much in the past few years from people I thought I could trust and I knew. So understand if I tend to have trust issues and if you break it it may take a while to get it back. Also if you're going to fake who you are with me you might as well just turn away right now. Because that is on the very top of my list of things I don’t like.

I'm always open to chat and meet new friends. Wanna chat go ahead note me
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