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Fox Adoptable Auction by Hamartia
Fox Adoptable Auction
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Fox Adoptable Auction by Hamartia
Fox Adoptable Auction
The thistle blossom by Hamartia
The thistle blossom
Drider askblog 01 by Hamartia
Drider askblog 01
Ask a drider things~ by Hamartia
Ask a drider things~
A Fitful Sleep by Hamartia
A Fitful Sleep
The Reluctant Drider by Hamartia
The Reluctant Drider
Heart of Stone by Hamartia
Heart of Stone

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Drider askblog 01 by Hamartia
Ask a drider things~ by Hamartia
A Fitful Sleep by Hamartia
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I like creatures.

Sad creatures, impossible creatures, creatures that shouldn’t exist or can't exist, dying breeds, abominations, things long-lost, things newly-made.

I like monsters, changelings, ancient things, mournful things. Things that will eat a man alive, because they must, because it is necessary and nature is cruel. Creatures that were human once, perhaps, or close to it, and things that will never understand humanity.

I like hunted predators, endangered species. I love the paradox of the perfect killer itself afraid—skittish, graceful, something that doesn’t belong in the world anymore and knows it. Beings too weird to live and too rare to die. Animals, hybrid creatures, failed experiments, mutants. Things that came back wrong, or forgot how to leave.

I like tame beasts, dangerous, terrible things that are mild as a spring day in the gentle arms of a friend. I like the hurt and the comfort, and the wounds too deep to be healed by love. I like that love tries anyway, I like the momentary sweetness, the lady that sleeps between the claws of the beast, unharmed. I like impossible love for impossible things.

Specifically: I like fantasy, science fiction and horror, I like transformation and angst and guro, I like femdom and noncon and slavery, I’d like to try some anthro art capturing the wild beauty of the beast in the cage of the human. I like driders, vampires, werewolves, sandworms, robots, and other lovely things.
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5 years, 4 months ago
Your profile is beautifully written.
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