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Previously known as FievelJ.
Stats joined 6 years, 3 months ago s 315 j 538 v 102,781 v:s 96,650 v:j 6,131 f 891 w 271 c:g 3,146 c:r 3,450
FievelJMousekewitz's Jack O Lantern by FievelJMousekewitz
FievelJMousekewitz's Jack O Lantern
An idea, but will it grow into a story?
XXX Read at one's own risk. I panted hard, ...
5 days, 16 hrs ago
Please all who know him, (JasonSonicZombie) Fave his stuff
This guy's gumball stuff is so damn cute, that is deserves 100s of faves. So please watch and fave his stuff. JasonSonicZombie ( https://inkbunny.net/JasonSonicZombie )
1 week, 1 day ago
People Get Me Wrong, I Am A Cuddle Bug
http://plush.yiff.ru/?p=messages&m=read&id=117581 I am not always into that other thing. I love to cuddle Fievel. I cuddle him on my way to almost everywhere I go. If I go to the bank by myself, Fiev...
1 month, 1 week ago
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FievelJMousekewitz's Jack O Lantern by FievelJMousekewitz
FievelJMousekewitz's Jack O La...
Miles Tails And The Sleepover. by FievelJMousekewitz
Miles Tails And The Sleepover.
Tails And The Broken Bathroom. by FievelJMousekewitz
Tails And The Broken Bathroom.
Fievel On Beach (Birthday Present.) by FievelJMousekewitz
Fievel On Beach (Birthday Pres...
My birthday cake design by FievelJMousekewitz
My birthday cake design
Inkbunnys For T-Shirt by FievelJMousekewitz
Inkbunnys For T-Shirt
WINDOWS 7 Custom Wallpaper by FievelJMousekewitz
WINDOWS 7 Custom Wallpaper
Scenery Backdrop Volcano And Such by FievelJMousekewitz
Scenery Backdrop Volcano And S...
Blue Gibbles New Look by FievelJMousekewitz
Blue Gibbles New Look
Digimon Adventures X-Digimon and Adults. Denny and Terriermon in, Terriermon’s Real! by FievelJMousekewitz
Digimon Adventures X-Digimon a...
Free Gift (Incomplete) by FievelJMousekewitz
Free Gift (Incomplete)
Gibbles The Bear Blue by FievelJMousekewitz
Gibbles The Bear Blue
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Tails And The Broken Bathroom. by FievelJMousekewitz
Miles Tails And The Sleepover. by FievelJMousekewitz
Miles Tails G-Rated
Name explains Description pretty well.
This Pool is for g-rated Tails stories..
2 submissions
You are clean now! by BaltNWolf
You are clean now!
by BaltNWolf
Squirtle in the Morning by DTRoland
Squirtle in the Morning
by DTRoland
Love Bed! {Poofy Version] by JasonSonicZombie
Love Bed! {Poofy Version]
Time for a change by xepher777
Time for a change
by xepher777
The Brothers Three by ZayneCamacho
The Brothers Three
Good Boys Touch Feet by Birdpup
Good Boys Touch Feet
by Birdpup
Bath Accident by minum
Bath Accident
by minum
Cosplaying 3 ($) by LPawz
Cosplaying 3 ($)
by LPawz
No by RoareyRaccoon
$ At the Diner by OOOeyGoooey
$ At the Diner
a little change by furrychrome
a little change
Asriel's Tickle Time by ShotaPawp
Asriel's Tickle Time
by ShotaPawp
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║═╣║║║╔╣╔╣╚╝║your profile if
║╔╣╚╝║║║║╚╗╔╝you are or
╚╝╚══╩╝╚╝'.╚╝support furries

Age: 2 going on 3-years-old.

Eyes: Blue.

Penis: Sheath Type. 1 - 3 Inches.

Height: Three Feet, Six Inches Tall.

Likes: Plushies; his bunny rabbet; Rock Music; Thrash and Death Metal;

Dislikes: Closed Minded Folks, Whom Are Too Closed To Give Any Other Way Any Thoughts.
Homophobic Fur's. (I am NOT Against Straights!)

Turn Ons: Peeing: Pooping: Drinking Or Just Tasting Piss: Stuffed Toys: Peeing On Stuffed Toys: Pooping On Stuffed Toys: Unafraid To Share Fur's (Furry's): Peed On: Within Certain Areas, (Pooped On.): Feet: Foot Paws
To make this clearer. I'll be friends with, Any Race Color or Origin. We're all human under our Fursuits, and have the same parts as each other. Brains, hearts, some of us have Souls.
If you are an atheist then please do not befriend or watch me. I am trying to improve my faith, and do not need people placing dents in that.
At least we are still individuals though. I wouldn't want us to be too alike, or the world would be a boring place.

Turn Offs: Usually vomiting myself: Afraid To Share Fur's (Furry's): Prejudice Racist Fur's.

As my furry self, I am just a playful little boy, who sometimes gets abused. Most of the time, I enjoy it, although I would most times deny it. I know I am gay, even though I am so young. Mostly I find a lot of enjoyment wetting my diaper, and sometimes pooping it too. I find it weird that slimy fluid sometimes comes from my penis. On the other paw, it really feels good to lose the stuff.

I sometimes pull off my diaper, and then leave pieces of poop all over the place. Not quite potty trained, but sometimes I think I am. Mommy and Daddy rarely if ever punish me for making the mess. So sometimes I do it on purpose.

C NORML - http://norml.org/
That's my opinion on Marijuana.

Mostly, I am
"I'm as soft as this powder puff and twice as gentle." An American Tail; Fievel Goes West - Miss Kitty. Just listen to what she says first. People cross me wrong, or say the wrong things, there will be a Spat! Smoke me up, and I'll be too stoned to give a shit.

I am so very honored, my goofy Bro
is with me, when it comes to the laws.
Very honored that
is a part of my Watch-list.
We need to be outspoken, even with those around, who think we are nothing but a bunch of druggies. Some of those, would gladly give us a Cigarette, as people continue dying from it.
Got carried away. I'll list only names here to add to this by request.
Hippie is too obvious to have to ask... I am sure he won't mind.

Looking for another Lil Bro to fill this space.
If you feel like you can be a Lil Bro, to fill this spot, let me know.

Big BRO;

This Bros list, is taking me awhile. My old list, was to place most Honored furs on the top of the list, but that's not fair to others. Big brother
had at least some part to do with, realizing this. Actually, I owe a great deal to
, helping me to know and understand just who I am. He is correct at least 80% of the time he gives me advice, so he deserves to be honored as a big Bro.

(Ahm This Fur Is Missing. DaddyDucky?)
He's on some aspects as for 9/11 conspiracies, but he's also really good about shutting up...   It's much more than I can say for some.
Other 9/11 conspiracy freaks could learn a thing or two off of him. If someone says they really don't wanna talk about it, he's usually really nice about it. That's the Correct attitude.


My Brother from another mother... obviously, since he's a Bear. But don't get discouraged, he's nearly as nice as I am, as long as you don't get on his bad side.
And I as well, as I am a sweat Heart.

My sweat heart of a Lil'Bro

Added because he's usually one of the better one's, still following me from Fur Affinity.

Another brother from another mother,

As he's one of the Furries I share a bit in common with. We found a lot of that out on our own.

No ONE... And I Mean NO ONE, is any less then another.
Even if there's a dispute between us, we are no less as human then we were before.
We are no less of furries then before either, are we?

IR A Fox Too.

The Raving Raichu series with Miles Tails will be faded off of here, and I'll be posting them to the above account.
Commissions or gifts I am allowed to post, will be the only thing art wise over there, probably.
I figure if I do do Tails at all, I'll just post it on this account.

((I had to totally delete some things, to make space.))

Favorite Quotes.
"I can't. I'm not a hero like you--well, not really" Fievel.
Philip Glasser.
Fievel is a hero, at least to me he is.

"Well, maybe not. Maybe a real hero's the last one to hear about it." Wylie Burp (James Stewart.)

Commissions Rules/Prices.

Story Commissions.
2.5 for up to 10 pages.
5$ for up to 20 pages.
Stories of 11 pages, my still cost 2.5
Price probably goes up, only after about 15 pages.

Working on a series, so Commissions are currently closed.

Minimal amounts of blood are okay, but no Gore. Gore belongs in Horror Stories.
Mild Vore is okay, as long as my characters are not eating each other, and then pooping them out later. (EWWWWW)
Pretty much, nearly any other fetish is just fine.
Ahm. The price is 5 Dollars for up to 20 pages, 10 dollars for up to 40 Pages.
If a story somehow manages to extend over 60 pages, we will decide on a price.
This is a reference price, more payable in donation, as I often write for free anyways.
Stories of genders.
Pretty much, how ever you care to mix the genders, I'll do it.
I won't write about something with like 6 vaginas and 4 penises.
One vagina and one penis, sure.
Read some of my stories first, before you commission me.

This One Is A Big One.
Please don't ask me to change a story, once I get started.
Honored Requests As Follows.
(No Full Sex.) If I place full sex, penetration or otherwise in a story, I will rewrite it for you if you so desire. This can run deeper in certain ways, and I'll not place full sex in a story, if a person doesn't want it there.
What I won't do. Keep changing a story over and over, just because someone is unhappy with the way it's going. I'll change it some, but not too many times. I am not placing a number on this, lets just say, not so much that it's annoying.

Satisfaction Is A Goal Though. *Huggles*
No Excessive Violence Or Blood.
Slapping, spanking, things like that are fine.

Be Nice... Treat Others Nice... And Properly Educate Yourself On Marijuana.

Proper law should reflect the people’s better interest, and not the corporate giant. Proper law should be written around actual evidence of fact, not theory or misconception. If a law causes more problems then it prevents, then mayhap that law needs rewritten.
The marijuana laws go on, misconceptions theories and untrue propaganda. Even according to the ONDCP’s own statistics, harder drug use is nearly at an all time low. Even still, they claim that marijuana is a stepping stone to harder drugs. If you do not believe me, look it up yourself.
If you dislike this, don't watch me.
Links and Contact Details
Fur Affinity
Yahoo Messenger
YouTube user
YouTube user
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10 hrs, 25 mins ago
Thanks for the fave fievel :D
14 hrs, 28 mins ago
Thank ya so much for watching and faving! ^ω^
2 days, 13 hrs ago
Thanks for watching!
2 days, 15 hrs ago
No problem ^^ thanks for the watch backsies!
2 days, 20 hrs ago
thanks for the fave! Please go fave the original from the original artist she'll do more like this https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=1302969
4 days, 10 hrs ago
thanks for the fave fievel <3
4 days, 18 hrs ago
Thanks for the fave
5 days, 16 hrs ago
Thanks for the fave :3
5 days, 21 hrs ago
Thank you for faving. I am currently doing commissions, so if you would like something drawn or know anyone that does, you can come to me.
6 days ago
Thanks fur da fave
1 week, 5 days ago
thanks for the fave fievel and a happy v day to you hugs!!! <3
2 weeks, 5 days ago
thank you for fav!
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