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The Basics:

Gamer and Techie, Former GM & MMO Admin. Game Developer, Microsoft Wolf, Forum posts represent my own opinions. Writer & Streaming Host for http://www.gamingfurever.com

The Details:

Furry Developer, Smexy Wolf, Lover of Paws, Master of the Pounce, Programmer, Dedicated Gamer, Slayer of Beasts, Raider of Epic Loots, Dispenser of Pwnage, and I eat Noobz.

So you're looking at my profile hunh? Well the above listed items are kinda the cliff notes about me. I'm a furry and proud of it, I develop software as well as do Q&A and Beta Test.

Officer for Tyrian Claws Guild Wars 2 Guild
500 strong official guildwars2furs FA Guild

Former Top Ranked PvE Raider in World of Warcraft, experienced gamer with a love for RPG, FPS, and Strategy games.

Favorite Platform: I have em all.
Favorite Pastimes: Eatting Noobz, Guild Wars 2, WoW, Diablo 3, Call of Duty, Skyrim, Minecraft, League of Legends, Game Development Level Design.
Favorite Power Tools: UDK, Unity, Source SDK, 3DS Max, Maya

So let's get the usual questions out of the way first..
Yes, I make the stuff you play.
No, I won't give you a free copy even if you beg... well maybe I mean those are some nice paws there... no no resist Fenris resist the paws.
No, I won't give you confidential info there is this thing in the industry called an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) so if I say I can't talk about something it means I can't talk about it.
Yes, I have various interests and kinks like any other furry.
Yes, I will tell you if you ask me I'm pretty open about my interests.
Wanna yiff? Mmm how about we get to know each other first.
Yes, I eat Noobz but I like to put a little salt on em first. Mmmm salty..
As for the other stuff you'll have to find that out for yourself but be careful if you probe to much I may nom on you a bit I have a tendency to om nom on things that taste good. *evil wolf grin*

RL Facts about Fenris:
1) Height: 6'3"
2) Favorite Foods: Pizza, Fried Egg Sammiches, Steak
3) Favorite Drinks: Mt. Dew, Tea, Sake
4) Wheels: Black Mercedes C-Class
5) Fitness Factor: 8, In Shape, beefy 6 pack, jog etc. 2-4mi weekly
6) Geek Factor: 9, IT Guy, Serious Gamer, Technology Buff
7) Furry Factor: 9, Furry and Proud of it but not to extremes.
8) Kink Factor: 8, Knows about most of em, interests numerous and varied.
9) X Factor: 7, Prone to quoting Monty Python, Anime, and Games.
10) Scary Factor: 5, Big Bad Wolf but secretly Romantic Cuddle Monster.

Blizzard BattleTag: Fenris#1458
Guild Wars 2: Fenris Ulfgan
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