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Mintleaf by Earwaggah
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Mintleaf by Earwaggah
I'z  Earwaggah, da cleaverist Ork evah! And don't you go chewin' yer gob over it, cuz I'll punch yaz right in da teef! This 'ere iz me new site fer me Waaagh!!! grounds! Don't be tinkin' cuz 'o me dehmeenuh dat I'z a mean 'ol sod CUZ I AIN'T! And dats why I came all da way here ta Inkbunny'z. Dis 'erez a great community n 'ol Earwaggah's lookin ta get 'is fix! Hah! Maybe I'z even make ya'll a greetingz gift! An' if any 'o youz be wantin' ta help out 'ol Earwaggah get himself a bettah lookin' profile piksha, den make sure to gimme a wag, HAAH HAAH HAAAH HAAAAH!! But don't you be bettin' you'z got waggyer earz den me, cuz I'd not hesitate ta blast yaz off 'o dis 'ere rock! But yeh, chew yer gob at me sometimez ya wanna chat, eh? Othuhwise, I's just gonna be tinkerin' and makin' all kindz o' weird tings fer all yaz. I got me an idea 'bout makin' some sort of devise dat 'll make Inkbunnys....fastah O, ,O
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