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o hai!

Thanks for taking the time to check my page out!

I am DSPJKL, what it stands for doesn't matter much, but if we become friends I'll be happy to tell you, so you can call me Jackal but not Jack, I am not a Jack >.<

While I share the 101 interests of the average furry, I am mostly heavily inclined into the more extreme fetishes.. light stuff is nice, but much better when paired with the extreme taboo goodness. With that being said, my artwork and writings are not for the weak of heart so this is your only warning if you're one of those that will get offended by such material. Realistically, I understand the difference between fantasy and reality and my only goal here is to share my work and interests with those who will appreciate it and can offer constructive feedback.

I'm not the best artist, but I do give my best. I like writing scenes and stories, then illustrating one or two scenes from them, which is a format I've adopted since I began learning to draw. If you ever feel like inking and/or coloring any of my work, or would like to teach me how to do so digitally I would be more than happy to work something out with you to make the exchange fair. I would love to do some trades with other artists and may even tackle a commission here or there, but please don't overwhelm me, my abilities are very limited so keep that in mind.

Now about my furry self.....

My primary interest is in the death related genre, mostly revolving around my fursona being (one of or) the one in peril... and before you ask, yes, vore is definitely up there though execution/planned deaths top vore on my list.

My primary fursona is more so 2 than 1. They are a mother and son pair of black jackals with the mother being a priestess of Anubis, mastering the art of necromancy and ancient rituals. Being immortal and ageless herself, she still manages to have a very hot temper which causes her to abuse her abilities, hypnotizing those that anger her into becoming mindless slaves and such, not a nice lady when angered. Her son, the role I take, does not possess any magical abilities and is a pervy happy-go-lucky free spirit (like myself). Because he is not immortal, she uses her magic to alter his age progression or more often resurrects/re-spawns him through rituals when he meets his end, causing him to be more careless with his well being knowing he'll be brought back if he dies.

Hope that gives you a good insight into what I am about, but please, don't hesitate to get in touch with me. I am on daily: e-mail, text, instant messaging, and Second Life.

See you around!

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5 years, 8 months ago
thanks for watching, anything in particular you'd like to see more of?
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