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Feral Morgana + Selfie! by DragonFiry
Feral Morgana + Selfie!
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Feral Morgana + Selfie! by DragonFiry
Feral Morgana + Selfie!
Feral Morgana - Lineart by DragonFiry
Feral Morgana - Lineart
Amumu - Lineart [CM] by DragonFiry
Amumu - Lineart [CM]
Amumu - Sketch [CM] by DragonFiry
Amumu - Sketch [CM]
Amumu  - Finished [CM] by DragonFiry
Amumu  - Finished [CM]
Two halves by DragonFiry
Two halves
"Motivation" by DragonFiry
Character Study 3 by DragonFiry
Character Study 3
Character Study 2 by DragonFiry
Character Study 2
Character study 1 by DragonFiry
Character study 1
Colorful seashell [CM] by DragonFiry
Colorful seashell [CM]
Disbelief [Close up - lineart only] by DragonFiry
Disbelief [Close up - lineart ...
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Gift from the Water God pg. 30. by Zummeng
Gift from the Water God pg. 30...
by Zummeng
Gift from the Water God pg. 31. by Zummeng
Gift from the Water God pg. 31...
by Zummeng
COMMISSION - Backstage by Zummeng
COMMISSION - Backstage
by Zummeng
Gift from the Water God pg. 32. END by Zummeng
Gift from the Water God pg. 32...
by Zummeng
keychain papyrus by felicechan
keychain papyrus
General info:

I'm a random girl from Italy, fresh from graduation *Yay, free time!* and a lot of sketches, some of them uploaded on Da a few months ago, then never updated. Tired of being alone and all on DeviantArt, I'm switching here, maybe to improve and post some more art. Who knows?

More about me:

~ Woo I speak italian :D DUH.

~ I'm quite shy at first. Poke me a bit if you want to talk, but don't feel offended if I don't reply immediately. English is not my first language, and it may take a while for me to reply  - at least, to write something decent enough XD

~ I do adore fruits & veggies, but I'm not vegan or vegetarian: I respect your choices, but don't agree.

~ I'm a tea addict. You may notice some drops on my rough sketches - I usually don't eat / drink while drawing, to prevent this to happen. Sometimes, I sketch while drinking tea or water.

~ I try to be polite and respectful to anyone who has a question or wants to befriend me. Being at least respectful applies to you, too. C:

~ I love videogames! Currently I'm playing Undertale (DAMN ME WHEN I DECIDED TO BUY THIS GAME. Seriously, I love it.) MH4U and Animal Crossing (Trying to recover my city..), but I'm quite open to games. To play online I use my 3ds, my lap (duh, x2), my psp (at least I used to), and rarely my Xbox 360. Please, keep in mind that I haven't played all the new titles yet, due to my studies - they were quite expensive.

~ I do read books and mangas, but I'm not into manga as I used to be a few years ago.

~ I'm open minded :) At least, I try to be and do my best to be polite and reasonable enough.

More to come, soon ~

What you will find in my gallery:

~ Dragons

~ Furries

~ My sketchy - improving art

~ Mature content

And.. My shitty backgrounds. At least, what I TRY to do. XD
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Fur Affinity
Dragon_Firy on Furiffic 8D
3 months, 3 weeks ago
You are welcome :)
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