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Owls night by WetBun
Owls night
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Owls night by WetBun
Owls night
by WetBun
Flash Not Supported [commission] by Duzt
Flash Not Supported [commissio...
by Duzt
Name: Damen Cheddar

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight (Shecock on the side)

Species: Jerry Mouse

Weight/Height: 2 Pounds, 7 inches

Likes: Cheese, Friendship, Cuddling, Playing (Gentle or rough), making others happy (In whatever sense of the word), Reading and Cat and Mouse games (Figuratively speaking).

Dislikes: Bullies, Drama, Hooves, Senseless violence, being called cute.

Damen Cheddar is a normal House Mouse. Brown in fur with a tan discoloration on his underbelly, he is an Anthropomorphic Mouse, toned with a Mousy physique normal for his kind. He normally wears a blue pair of denim pants and a green t-shirt. Despite being Anthro, he must survive in a world of those who may want to harm or kill him for annoyance, sport, or food. More durable than normal Mice, he has survived many situations that would have killed any normal Mouse. This doesn't mean that he's indestructable, just difficult to kill.

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