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The muscular demon you see towers at nine feet, his lizardlike skin shining in a mixture of blues and pinks, reflections changing colour as he moves.
He is very well built, his back nuscles forming a majestetic "V" akin to body builders; this demon practically screams strong, buff and nasty. He radiates a strong, putrid smell of sulphur, puffing some steam from his nostrils.
His face is an eerie mixture of lizard and bull characteristics, two large, amber glowing eyes and massive furrows on his forehead leaving no doubt about that this demon must've come straight from Hell. Two massive bull horns protrude from his upper forehead, two smaller horns peeking out of the sides of his large, bulky snout, a reptile-like split tongue hanging out of his muzzle. As he opens his muzzle, one can see that there are three rows of razorblade-like teeth inside it, most of the inside of his jaw covered in sharp, dangerous teeth.
Further down his body, he boasts a set of large pectorals, smooth and muscled.
Emerging from his groin, there are two large bovine members, each one about a foot in length, in the same odd pink as the rest of his body. His permanently erect shafts drip a steady flow of demon preseed, the barbs on the edge of his double glans standing out like a spiked collar. His heavy ballsac sways back and forth, nearly half a foot in diameter, occasionally brushing against his thighs as he walks.
His ass is topped off by his spaded tail, towering on large, muscular legs, ending in shiny black hooves. The beast's crimson eyes glow a bit brighter as he notices your gaze, mustering you in return. His voice booms powerfully, the demon emitting a roaring sound that makes you think he'd want to take you straight to Hell with him.
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