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Deathmock Ref 2017 by CorruptTempest
Deathmock Ref 2017
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Deathmock Ref 2017 by CorruptTempest
Deathmock Ref 2017
Two Sides of One Coin by CorruptTempest
Two Sides of One Coin
Wind's Reference Sheet by CorruptTempest
Wind's Reference Sheet
Mariah - 24 - Female ♀ - Heterosexual - Tomboy - Atheist - Leftist - Secular Humanist - INTJ - Chaotic Neutral - Gamer - Science Lover - Shameless and corrupted - Cat Lady

* Favorite Music: Metal, rock, and dubstep.
* Favorite Food: Other animals.
* Favorite Games: Rust, Fallout series, Elder Scroll series, The Darkness, Diablo II, Okami, Zelda series.
* I'm a cat person, but I love all animals. Ironically my fursona is a typical wolf. I've played around with the idea of being an albino mountain lion.
* I am a woman, not a 'lady'. I'm a straight bitch but I'm kind of rough around the edges and what you would call 'dudely' I suppose? A proud tom boy.
* Make that a tom boy with a tremendously curvy body, and femininity that betrays my dudely and non nonchalant personality.
* I am one of few words, reserved, observant, and enjoys down time. I love a good video game or book. I can get very chatty however when the right topic is brought up.
* I hate television for the most part, I'm the type that needs to be involved in whatever is entertaining me, typically video games or crafts.
* I am a skeptic, an Atheist, and a lover of science and nature. But I love fantasizing about a world where magic and monsters is real.
* I embrace the natural pleasure that is sexuality. I despise people who shame sex and our bodies. I also like taking it a step further by corrupting others.
* My mate is a highly intelligent Shoggoth, a freak accident in Shoggoth nature. He's currently taking the form of my own species but can shape-shift.
* I love taboo scenarios, horny beasts, corrupted characters, and utter darkness. I myself do not remember exactly who I use to be before becoming a play thing for my beloved master.
* Apologies if I offend or come off mean. I'm socially strange, blunt, and I do not sugar coat anything at all. I have a zero tolerance policy for fake-ness.

I've been illustrating Anthro and feral artwork for over sixteen years, long before I even knew anthro was actually popular or even existed at all. My first anthro character being Brutus and his gang. I can't stand other people very well, hence why I'm often shy and strange. I spend most of my days creating minor things or playing various video games. I have a dream that maybe some day I can be a designer for video game art work.

What fucking kinks am I into? Me? 'Corrupt' Tempest? Here is an idea if you're curious. https://www.f-list.net/c/corrupttempest/
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