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Bland 6 by ChimericalKnave
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I've always had this fascination with Krystal and with Kursed. You could even go so far as to call this fascination with her an obsession. Don't ask me why because I know not the answer. I've had many chats with people about this and it all comes down to: does there have to be a reason? Does there have to be a reason why I like anthropomorphic characters? Personally, I think it would be great if I came to a final conclusion...but I know now that it isn't happening.

So what does that tell you about myself? Hmmm? I like Krystal...who is an anthropomorphic character. Maybe, perhaps, I like other anthropomorphic characters? It certainly wouldn't be wrong to assume that of me.

And maybe - just maybe - I might be a furry.

What a shocker! Or, perhaps, not.

Being a furry isn't exactly my quintessential quality. No, a quintessential property of mine is my sophistication and use of diction. You will rarely find me talking in that asinine SMS text speech that many have fallen victim to.

I usually judge people on their diction and I floccinaucinihilipilificate many individuals. It isn't very accurate...or is it? If one cannot take the time to utilize correct grammar then they shouldn't be allowed respect either. That's just the way I think, take it or leave it.

Other than that, I won't usually act supercilious in front of anybody without good reason. So you will find me a likable and amicable fellow, for the most part.

Maybe you'll disagree with my pessimistic views of society and the world, as we know it, but I only look toward the truth and what I've experienced and felt.

Oh well. I'll try to find more superfluous facts to procrastinate your time with as my stay lengthens on this site.

But if you want loads of information about me then feel free to drop by my other writing account on another site: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1676817/Chimerical_Knave
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