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Hello! I am an experienced artist who loves nothing more than to have fun. I am quite nerdy. I enjoy taking commissions and drawing for people. I do not enjoy braggers, smarty people, politics, harassment, or anything that is negative. I hate math class..

I have a few fursonas, but the one that represents me is Annabelle. Annabelle is a playful brown and white siberian husky. Here are some of my minor rules when interacting with me.

* Do not ever ask for location details, UNLESS I have commissioned an item that physically needs to be sent. Like a badge, or fursuit related stuff.
* Do not ask for my opinions about "popufurs"(ugh), politics, or even celebrities. I find it rude and I will not want to communicate with you.
* Do not ask for art for FREE. Though I am flattered you like my art, I do not have time to work free. I may do art trades sometimes becuase the other person does something productive to accomplish.
* If I do not know you and you are teasing me, I will probably take it as an insult unless told in the text itself it is a joke. If you are a friend tease me as much as you want. But not in a hurtful manner.
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