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Nursery by BabyBlueFox
updated my profile
now everything should be up to date ,but not on the art end ,but I got 3 picture from blanki ,a gift art ,and a new reference sheet traditional art .and some other things I I got in the past months  
48 mins ago
troubled mind and heart
Nothing is easy learning new ways of meditation ,nothing new really just that I look at my mind in a new way. to reflect on you mind and thoughts ,learning to deal with them and accept it .Learning ...
1 year, 5 months ago
Well knee surgery for this little furball tomorrow and 3 after Sakura festival so no fursuiting :( hope they find out what it is. On the other paw I'm looking forward to see what babystar has made fo...
3 years ago
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Nursery by BabyBlueFox
Nursery by BabyBlueFox
A picture pose many years ago by BabyBlueFox
A picture pose many years ago
funny story from when I party hardy a lot xD by BabyBlueFox
funny story from when I party ...
something I made on a wall with different colours by BabyBlueFox
something I made on a wall wit...
we took a picy together :3 by BabyBlueFox
we took a picy together :3
sniff sniff O.O angel dragon *squeak* <3 by BabyBlueFox
sniff sniff O.O angel dragon *...
Nomming besit by BabyBlueFox
Nomming besit
nom nom nom by BabyBlueFox
nom nom nom
such a warm day x3 by BabyBlueFox
such a warm day x3
you should have been there by BabyBlueFox
you should have been there
no dogs but I want to be a smart doggo by BabyBlueFox
no dogs but I want to be a sma...
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I do not fall into the ABDL CATEGORY AT ALL I'm incontinent but I don't mind you crinkle butts <3

All this is the real me in real life, nothings fake.

well I'm BabyBlueFox sit down have a drink and read <3. I struggle with a lot of mental and physical things in my life ,so IF I DON'T RESPOND to you don't give me a hard time sweet cheeks .But if you want to know what it is ,ask me I can relate to a lot of things ,people struggle with and I've helped others before sometimes all you is an understanding person and a talk,stay PMA <3.
I'm quite the intelligent
individual on many aspects, a jack of many cards, with an open mind, who believes in myself and Philosophy ,science and facts spiritualism ,realism political anarchism meditation .But I don't believe in religion or psychiatric medicine. I don't sugar-coate my opinions,but I'll treat you with respect if you treat me with respect.But don't talk about things you don't know anything about,at least do some proper research before opening that beautiful face-hole <3.Oh yeah I curse a lot :3.I'm a Goth woop woop it's a life style hon dark and dusty.
I'm incontinent and I love my diapers. I'm an affectionate littler waxi and shy rl on certain aspects,I'm more open on text but I'm really affectionate, and need lot of attention,and I will do a lot for my friends ,but hurt me ones and you will have to work years to maybe fix my trust.I can go all ghetto on that arse if you hurt me or my loved ones, I am a pacifist,but I haven't always been. I'm introvert and extrovert,I can talk to anyone.but my people are nerds (nerd power <3). I also talk a lot,and interrupt,it's how I am, just tell me if I bother you in a nice way,and I try my best,I get exited a lot,and forget what I was saying if I don't get to finish,I have to start all over

I identify as gay/transgender (born male still in a male body),
kid-fur, toddle-fur, age 10,body mind is 5 (a mix of cat, Fennec fox wolf hybrid) otherkin/therian herm.

Otherkin are those who feel they are non-human in mind/spirit. Therians are those who feel they are, specifically, non-human animals (of identifiable species) in mind/spirit. So, otherkin may encompass those who feel they are elves, dragons, angels etc. Therians are technically a subcategory of otherkin, but the general otherkin and therian communities actually started separately, so there is still a lot of separation between them. Therians tend to identify more with the werewolf/shapeshifter mythos or with forms of shamanism, while otherkin are more identified with fantasy mythos and religious mythos of various kinds.

Things I like
I love making food
Movies, TV, cartoons (I'm a collector), Manga, Anime, art,Cosplay fursuiting
Alcohol goes nicely with food or a chill time with friends,but I don't drink to get drunk
I smoke (light smoker),
cuddles, snuggles, hugs,
music (all kinds of music .not a big fan of newer rap and pop)
,PC gaming/ consoles, (I'm a collector)
childish things toys pacifiers clothes diapers
taking pictures and videos
pervy humour black humour
racist jokes dirty jokes dark humour
politically incorrect humour
Nature, walks, swimming, working out, singing,chilling
history and science
RP friendly to sexual and non sexual,if it comes natural to me and if you actually do more than 3 sentences.there's more. but's what I can remember

My idols are Jacksepticeye and Markiplier.

My Skype ask me for it

My Furaffinity ask me for it

My Inkbunny ask me for it

My YouTube ask me for it

My Steam Profile ask me for it

My Email ask me for it

My Telegram ask me for it

My Twitter ask me for it

My Discord ask me for it

Danish · English

Political Views
After debating about human history war religion and politics I don't care for it that's why I believe in Anarchy
Anarchy is any social relationship that involves neither dominance nor submission. It is the absence of social hierarchy, with no one imposing their will on another by force or threat of punishment. Anarchy means "without a ruler", or "without government". Government here is meant in the sense of "governing over" and forcing compliance through coercion. Such order is violent order. Anarchy, by contrast, is inherently cooperative- people relating to one another as equals.
(I'm only violent if it's the last resort)

Religion, politics, race and colour shouldn't mean anything or come in-between us.

I have ADHD Asperger Tourettes PTSD pacemaker (Icd unit) Rare heart disease Keratoconusn tenosynovitis Hypersensitive hearing knee surgery chronic depression anxiety stress constant muscle tension highly painful small psychosis OCD.
something with both my feet which is painful suicide attempt x8 ( I don't do it any more) I think... that's it

Likes cute art and porn babyfur toddler diaper daddy lolicon daddy/son/daughter brother/sister Incest watersports traditional art is my favourite.

Dislikes gore vore sm bdsm pain Nazi rape feminism and the male version of it as well politicians religion stupidity fake people infidelity cheating more will come

fav artists are furyjadefox tavinmunk MarciMcAdam howling riot KJwulf Harmarist kitaness Joeyboy TakOttah ethan86 asdfasfasda ApplePup CuddleHooves Skelbely more to come
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1 month, 2 weeks ago
*huggles and gives you some balloons!* Danku!
5 months ago
*huggles and gives you some balloons!* Danku!
5 months, 1 week ago
Thankies for the Watch ^_^
7 months ago
*huggles and gives you some balloons!* Danku!
8 months, 4 weeks ago
Thanks for the watch! x3
1 year, 1 month ago
hey thanks for the fave and watch. am glad someone appreciates my nature tracks ^.^
1 year, 3 months ago
You're welcome cutie
1 year, 5 months ago
Hi there, thanks for the shout and watch :-) If you're wondering about fabrics I use, usually it's fleece, otherwise faux fur. I have made several mods to have silicone sex toys in them as well, but most of my sales are for "regular" mods. Are you interested in buying a plushie? I have a few that are for sale, I'm planning on opening a webshop for them soon.
1 year, 5 months ago
Thanks for the fave!
1 year, 6 months ago
your welcome :)
1 year, 6 months ago
Your very welcome ^W^
1 year, 6 months ago
yay a better info about me ^w^ is up
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