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Paprika and Playkids crossover by Aussiecuno
Paprika and Playkids crossover
Where else can you find me?
This'll probably be my only journal entry for a while since my life is pretty boring XD. I dunno if anyone know this, but i have a YouTube channel. For now i'm currently uploading the current English...
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Paprika and Playkids crossover by Aussiecuno
Paprika and Playkids crossover
First drawing! by Aussiecuno
First drawing!

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First drawing! by Aussiecuno
Paprika and Playkids crossover by Aussiecuno
Paprika art
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Icon update
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I choose you Owlette
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Where's my money, punk?
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VF2015 - Tshirt Teaser
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inktober2017 Day26: Paparazzi
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Cuphead Icon - Johnny by JustBored3
Cuphead Icon - Johnny
Princess Muggo by CottonDraws
Princess Muggo
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Hello everyone, my name is Netti(Aussiecuno), I’m a 17 year old Aussie who is a total nerd that loves to draw.
Media: YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZwyCL5cFf132-TeTrTjYJQ | Twitter - https://twitter.com/aussiecuno | Facebook https://www.facebook.com/nettigreco.16?ref=br_rs
Personally: I’m a fairly calm and quiet person, I am friendly to anyone, but piss me off, it won’t be pretty. I’m vision impaired(I have ROP which stands for Retinopathy of Prematurity), fully blind in my left eye and half blind in my right, but that doesn’t stop from doing the things I love(which I’ll get to soon). Besides being quiet, I’m also shy. I hate being around people, especially with big crowds. I’m that person who just wants to be alone. I’m also a child... in a way. Here’s the thing, I love kids shows, mostly shows aimed at a younger demographic. I mostly watch PBS Kids and Disney Junior shows. I dunno if a teenager like me watches these kid of shows, but so far it’s only me *sigh*.

Hobbies: like I said earlier, I’m a nerd, I love anything from retro stuff to old movies. I love to collect the cool stuff like old video game consoles to VHS tapes. When or how did this happen? I dunno! All I can say is that this all started back in mid 2016. We’ll also my mum likes to collect old stuff, too, but it’s not very interesting lol. Next up is music. Music is very important to me, mostly because it’s the only thing that makes me happy when I’m bored. My favourite genre of music is Rock, mostly classic Rock/80s Rock. I also have a liking for Pop and Pop-Rock, too. What are my favourite artists? I have A LOT, but some of my favourites are Def Leppard, Imagine Dragons, Bryan Adams, Sheppard, Ed Sheeran,  George Ezra. Daughtry, Matchbox 20, Calum Scott, Rag’n’Bone Man, Shannon Noll and Walk The Moon, just to name a few. As for art, art is important to me, too. Like music, I grew up with it. I remember when I was 7-8, I used to draw Nintendo characters and at times Sonic characters, too. Even though I’ve been drawing all my life, I’m not that good and I’m still improving. Right now I’m working with digital art and trying out shading.

Likes: I love animals and my family calls me the “animal whisperer” since I get along with almost any animal lol. My favourite animals are birds. I’ve been a bird lover for a long time and my favourite bird is actually from my country Australia called a Kookaburra. I also love watching movies, mostly Disney movies. What’s my favourite Disney movie? It’s Pinocchio! You all thought it’d be The Lion King or something? Nope! That film is overrated tbh... Anyway, i also love watching Netflix, too. Stranger Things, anytime? ;)

Dislikes: I don’t dislike many things tbh but if I had to choose something I don’t like it’s Horror and also gross fetishes. I know that’s not very interesting but there are some fetishes that I just question, I mean, there’s a fetish where people get turned on by the sun! No really, that’s true.

Anything else?: all ‘n’ all I’m a pretty boring person to begin with lol.

Thanks for reading my crappy bio! Have a great day/night. - Netti(Aussiecuno)
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Thanks for the +fav.
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thanks for faving >^_^<
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