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Fall morning by Appleseed20
Fall morning
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Fall morning by Appleseed20
Fall morning
Selfie Puppers by Appleseed20
Selfie Puppers
Janet halloween pinup 2017 by Appleseed20
Janet halloween pinup 2017
Victoria halloween 2017 by Appleseed20
Victoria halloween 2017
Renee & Horatio Halloween 2017 by Appleseed20
Renee & Horatio Halloween 2017
Renee & Horatio Halloween 2017 by Appleseed20
Renee & Horatio Halloween 2017
playing with fire by Appleseed20
playing with fire
Wolf Rogue (colored) by Appleseed20
Wolf Rogue (colored)

At the moment I'm taking requests and trades. Eventually I'm going to set up a patreon page and start doing commissions and I don't know if I'm going to still be taking them then. But that's months down the road so get 'em in while you still can.

Request Rules:
1: I don't do anything political in my work
2: Be patient.
Remember I don't just have your pic to do but also my own stuff and possibly other requests/trades and IRL problems to deal with so it may take a while. Breathing down my neck over something you're getting from me for free isn't something I'm going to look particularly kindly on and if you get really overbearing about it expect to have your request pushed to the back of the line if not dropped all together.
3: Be specific with what you want and accept that I'm going to use my better judgement on how to make the pic.
I'm not going to spend all eternity redrawing a free pic that didn't turn out the way you pictured it in your mind, especially if what I'm given to work with is vague at best. If what you're asking for is specific characters it'll help if you point me in the direction of reference material.
4: I have the right to say no. Please respect that.
There will be times I will be swamped with things to deal with or view something as being beyond my skill/too much work to do for free, or I feel uncomfortable with the subject matter (I'm not easy to disturb but it does happen from time to time) or I just straight up don't want to make that particular pic. When that happens chances are I'm just going to have to say no. Spamming me with the same request over and over won't change my mind.
5: let me know when I agree to make the pic whether or not you want to be credited as the source of the request. If you do I'll put either the url of your profile or your username in the description. If not then I credit "an anonymous requester".
6: no more than three characters per pic.
7:limit=2 pics person per month.
8: NSFW stuff is for adults only
9: content must fall within the rules of the site
10: due to abuse I no longer take requests for series of pics that are longer than 2 pics
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