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"Isiat's a good guy, you... Just have to give him some time to come around to new folk, that's all. The world's changed for him. You teach a man to soldier for shy on twenty years and then just expect him to waltz on back to civilian life like he knows what he's doing, yeah, it's makes for some personality quirks. You make him a parent on top of that, and then he really has a reason to put on a brave face. Shit, we'd get shot at all day long by Terry if it meant you didn't put us on the spot in a social situation now. He won't hang around crowds long, always sits in a corner near an exit, won't remove those damned sunglasses of his for the world if you paid him or he trusts you. But I remember how he was. You know? Back before it all went to shit.

Sly, a real character after a drink or two. Could charm his way around a snake oil salesman to get his stuff for free and then sell it back to him at a profit as well. Natural leader, nobody will dispute that one. Some people just have that kind of effect you know? They speak, and others listen. Quick as a coiled snake with a one liner as well, the cheeky sod. What's the phrase? Cunning like a fox? Yeah, that describes him well... If you replaced fox with Kyru-sune or Kitruku or whatever the hell his species call 'emselves. He's a good bloke, you just have to give him a chance to warm up to you, that's all. Not like he's going to bite your head off or anything. Some days, he just needs his mask to hide behind.

Well, that and a drink and a smoke to stop the shakes, but after the hell we went through together, I think we all need that from time to time." - SGT Parker, Dan, 3rd Commando Brigade, RMC (Ret)

Character Information - Isiat Squire Carcer

((For the Record; Yes, Isiat is an entirely fictional character, not based on myself or any other person, living or deceased. However, great efforts were taken to create an as rich, detailed, personable and in depth character as possible.))

The Kyruku, looking similar to a Kitsune, yet with no species relation whatsoever, is usually sitting at the bar, quietly nursing a scotch, or offering to shout any who make the effort to approach the Vulpine, his tails twitching constantly in a flurry of ever-persistent movement. His fur is mostly black, with white socks and patterning in a typical European fox style; A red strip of fur separates the two contrasting colors where they would otherwise meet. He has at present 22 tails, though has taken the elective surgery among his species to prevent any further growths.

Isiat is more often than not found loitering in the Colosseum, around mid way up the bleachers where he's got a little 'shop' of sorts set up underneath a camo shade-sail. He's a sociable sort, but has a strong, if sometimes ambiguous moral code of shit he will and will not tolerate. While not one to white knight a cause, he also isn't the sort to idly stand by and watch people be downtrodden for no good reason. As a former commando, he can be very crisp, and often appears outwardly cold, though to those who approach him, they quickly come to realize this in only an appearance; A farce he puts on to keep the rabble mostly at bay. Oft-times his sense of humor can land him in hot water, in typical English fashion, he shows affection through 'Taking the piss' out of those he considers friends. To those who earn that title, he can be loyal to a fault, and will even go as far as to put himself in harms way for those who have earned his respect.

For the most part, he can be found wearing his dress blues or combat gear, along with a pair of blue tinted reflective wraparound sunglasses to cover his icy blue irises. Occasionally, especially in the winter months, he can be found with a rosewood cane to aid his movement due to a leg injury. Isiat usually does well in most social situations, however, can be very quick to temper. He suffers from mild to moderate PTSD after returning from his last deployment, and occasionally suffers from panic attacks and bouts of shaking in his left hand and leg. He smokes cigars somewhat often in lieu of relaxant medications, as well as the occasional drink to keep him 'balanced' in his own words. Overall, he functions, and gets by as best he can.

Ever quick with a joke, a cuppa tea, or to light up your smoke, Isiat hides his flaws and shortcomings with a level of skill that would otherwise be considered admirable, always trying to lead into situations with his best foot forwards. However, like everyone, he's only mortal, and has his bad days despite his best efforts. He slips up sometimes, is impatient, frustrating, downright confrontational and bluntly rude, but he tries to keep himself on the straight and narrow as much as possible. He has a love for reading and classical literature and theater, and is a shameless Beatles fan. He is himself, and doesn't try to emulate others in order to fit in, and typically will make a decision if he will get along with someone in the first 90 seconds of conversation.

He's a prick, and he likes it that way.
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