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Rave it like you were on X by Akuji
Rave it like you were on X
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Rave it like you were on X by Akuji
Rave it like you were on X
Hello, reader. I'm Akuji. You can call my Akuji. I've been very...disinclined to join InkBunny, but I figured I might as well give it a try, so here I am. I'm a Bear-Dog from a small town in central Ontario, Canada working towards a career in tattoo and modification. I'm a gay furry and I'm proud of it. I'm part of the industrial goth community of rivetheads and cybergoths. I celebrate a complex mixture of religions, but I like to focus on pagan kitchen magics. I love to meet new people and try new things. I am happily mated to a sexy, Danish Tiger named Goofy.

My fursona is half Kodiak Bear and half Malamute. My features are primarily ursine. I have the Tail, eyes, tongue and genitalia of a dog, but the rest of my body is very bear-like. My fur colour is mostly white , but the colours of my hair and tail change to match my mood as do the colours of my tongue, flesh, and other unmentionable places as well as my blood. Think of me as a big mood ring. I am about 6' 8" and I have a fairly muscular build. My left eye is violet and my right eye is green. I paint my claws and wear make up, but not in a girly way. I have three piercings in each eyebrow, six in my right ear, and industrial in my left, three in my lower lip, five in the bridge of my nose, three through my tongue, one through my septum, one in each nipple, one in my belly button, three on my sheath and ten in my cock. You can usually find me wearing a long, black trench coat and Tripp pants with my goggles sitting atop my head and my collar around my neck. I wear a pendant of Thor and a Yang symbol to match my mates. I also sport a very large bead chain and a silver promise ring with a black band decorates my right ring finger.

In real life I am far less interesting. I am about 6'2" and I have a kind of muscular build... I think, but I lack any sort of muscle tone. I dye my hair black with tips frosted in crazy colours. I have greenish brown eyes. I consider myself to be some kind of mix between cyber-goth and rivet-head, I guess. I was never one for labels. I my earlobes are spaced to 000g and besides my spacers I have 3 piercings in my right ear and one piercing in left. My left eyebrow is pierced and so is my left nostril. I also have my bellybutton pierced. I used to have WAY more, but I took them out, for varying reasons. Don't worry, though. They will be back. I really do have a trench coat and collar. The chains and pendants? Yep, I have those too! The ring? It's actually stainless steel, but we'll just keep that between us, okay?

I'm ADDICTED to apples. I love them! I get cranky when I don't eat at least two or three of them a day.

Music is my favourite drug. My favourite genre is Industrial/Dark Wave and various kinds of Electronica, but really I will listen to anything except: Rap, country and dubstep. I HATE DUBSTEP!

I love art! I mostly work with pencils and oils, but I often find myself working with water colours and digitals. I do in fact take commissions so if you're interested send me a note. I have a rough price-list written down in my head, but it can be negotiated.

Feel free to contact me. I don't bite... hard. I love to meet new people. I'm kind of shy at first, but I've been know to be loud and obnoxious after I warm up to you. I can also get pretty vicious and virulent when people piss me off regardless of whether they know me or not. Anyways... Heh heh heh. See you soon... <3
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