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Vesper by AdoptNii
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Vesper by AdoptNii
Serya Chibi by AdoptNii
Serya Chibi
Nii [ref] by AdoptNii
Nii [ref]
Okay, so you can call me Nii, Or Nik depending on whatcha prefer ^-^ I personally don't care...
But, onto about me. I have a range of personality, I can go from cute, shy and very quiet to this very LOUD and HYPER person that jumps off the walls. Literally. No joke xD
My range of likes goes all over the place >.>
My few obsessions:
Silent Hill (Games/Comics)
Spiritual/Paranormal events.
Mythology (Any really)
Drawing -twitch- xD
Roleplaying RPing // nothing sexual >.> paper/pc rpign c: I has a active imagination c:

I used to enjoy writing/doing rps but I haven't the time lately with how things have been going >.>
^-^ Anyway, if there's anything else you really wana know about Nii just PM me and we can chat or add me on MSN.

Info about my sonas:

My sona's are TWINS c:
Height: 5'4
Weight: 130
Chest: 32 D
Hair color: Black and white [single horizontal strip of white where her hair ties up so you can't see it normally]
Eye color: Crystal blue [very pale]
Personality: Aggravated, annoyed, pissy, easy tempered, angry.
Tail: Average feline tail but extended in length [white]

Height: 5'4 1/2
Weight: 125 lbs
Chest: 28 D
Hair color: Shades go from [button to top] black, navy blue, pale blue, white.(all blended in)
Eye color: bright crystal blue
Personality: Hyper, bubbly, bouncy, horny, cute, sexy
Tail: it's a FLUFF of furr .-.[see pictures for example]
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