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Profesional- by Rogerwolf92 by 1childish1
Profesional- by Rogerwolf92
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Profesional- by Rogerwolf92 by 1childish1
Profesional- by Rogerwolf92
1childish1: Proud Padded Pup- Gift by Yure16 ^^_ by 1childish1
1childish1: Proud Padded Pup- ...
Awesomests Friends ^_^ (For Yure and Ryan) by 1childish1
Awesomests Friends ^_^ (For Yu...

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1childish1: Proud Padded Pup- Gift by Yure16 ^^_ by 1childish1
Profesional- by Rogerwolf92 by 1childish1
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For all the art gifts I receive... please fave the original ones (unless link not given)...

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Awesomests Friends ^_^ (For Yure and Ryan) by 1childish1
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Art gifts for others from me...

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About me:
First of all, yes, I am an ABDL. Any questions on that, go here http://understanding.infantilism.org/ (<-- I hope it's linked). And feel free to ask about it at any time!!
I am 19 years old, soon to be 20 (on June 24th), and I live in Orizaba, Veracruz (Mexico). I was born here, lived here for 9 years, lived for another 9 years in San Jose CA (USA) and came back here.
Studying medicine (about to switch to systems engineering), though I really love technology and love to know more about computers and things of that matter.
Joined the furry community sometime during July of 2011 (even though it says March 09, I joined it as in I came to terms with my furry side).
I am also bi-curious, not looking for anyone either, but just to let you know... ^^
I am not very good with drawing but I'm trying to improve.... any feedback wuld be nice!!!
if you want to know me more feel free to look at my blog... and leave a comment if you'd like ^^ http://1childish1.wordpress.com

If you ever read some of the things I write, you will notice TONS of these "..." and "=P", it's just somthing I like to do... kinda like my signatures... =P and spelling erros are either on purpose or by accident... =P

And if you ever wonder how I got the "1childish1"...
1 = the actual number
childish = what people see me as sometimes... and what a friend once told me she sees in me
1 = the way you pronounce my name... "Juan"
so it would be "One childish Juan" =P

As fursona goes:
Name: Juan
Nickname: Childish... childy
Species: Puppy; crossbreed between fox and wolf
Age: 4 years old, but due to being a little on the short side, I get confused with 3, rarely with 2 and a half or 2
Details: I don't grow up at all (don't ask how or why cuz I don't know either), my mind still keeps on growing; basically, my body is 4 and my mind is 19, but I tend to act more "my age" (4)...
Colors: Still deciding, tho I have an idea about shape and colors thanks to 2 great friends from FA (Yure and Roger) ^^
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5 years ago
5 years ago
Sent a friend request.x3
Hope you are okay with my darker side.
5 years ago
Yes, though we have a brazilian version of Hernandes that takes the H off. Ernandes. My uncle is called that.
5 years ago
I pronouce "Juan" as "Ruan", with the H-sounding brazilian R.
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